100+ Email Opt-In Freebie Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with an awesome email opt-in freebie?

Do you feel snowed under with so many other blogging tasks that you've run out of inspiration for ideas to grow your email list?

You keep hearing other big successful bloggers saying you need to grow your email list, but you have no idea what to offer people?

I get it.

Growing a blog is hard. People don't realise how much really goes into running blog, there are so many moving parts that you're expected to keep track of and master.

I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Writing posts, publishing posts, creating blog graphics, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, replying to comments, replying to emails, learning SEO, Google analytics, Google search console, affiliate marketing, display ads.... and that's just the basic stuff!

Let alone thinking about product creation, Facebook ads, promoted pins, sponsored posts....

And then someone tells you that you need to start an email list. Overwhelm. much.

But what about if I told you that I can take that initial first step of starting an email list - coming up with an amazing email opt-in freebie - and make it incredibly easy for you.

So you can get on with growing your blog, making money and helping your lovely readers.

Sound good?

Well I have created a list of over 100 email opt-in freebie ideas for 11 of the most popular niches!

So that's an easy to access swipe file of over 100 stealable freebie ideas you can use to grow your email list!!!

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